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12-Inch Preview: Recondite - Caldera


For The Pen’s 2013 albums of the year, I had Recondite's eerily serene 'Hinterland' in at number 5. Looking at the list seven/eight months on, I'd probably have it in the top 3 now. Anyway, the good news is that Lorenz Brunner will return in early-September via the follow up to 2012’s ‘DRGN’. Switching back to Hotflush from Ghostly, it’s in much of a similar vein to its predecessor, and you can check two minute clips of both tracks below. 

Label: Hotflush 

Genre: Techno

Release date: 1st September 


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With the carnival bank holiday looming, there’s no shortage of clubbing options in town this weekend. Having scanned through the listings, arguably the event that’s perhaps the most relevant to the roots of soundsystem culture, is DJ Hype and Goldie's '21 Years Of Jungle' retrospective at Fabric. The two icons of the genre will be joined in Room 2 by a raft of originators including Fabio & Grooverider, Kenny Ken, Randall and Brockie, with V Recordings co-owners Jumping Jack Frost and Bryan Gee billed for a back-to-back catalogue set. Meanwhile in Room 1, Hype heads a ‘Carnival Playaz Special’ alongside Hazard and Pascal. MCs on the night include FearlessMooseFelon and The Ragga Twins.  

NB: In order to promote the night, Fabric have uploaded a downloadable hour-long mix by Jumping Jack Frost to their Soundcloud page, which you can download here

Date: Friday, 22nd August 

Venue: Fabric, Farringdon

Doors: 11pm-7am

Photo of: Fitzroy Heslop (aka Fabio)


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ALBUM PREVIEW: Second Storey - Double Divide


Once peddling sub-house as Al Tourettes, Alec Storey’s transformation into the more esoteric Second Storey has so far proved to be a strong reinvention. Maintaining the intricacy of the ‘Margosa Heights’ EP, his debut album comprises 1o sensory productions that stylistically align with the late-90s IDM sound. Aphex Twin taking a stab at rescoring Blade Runner is perhaps a good way of describing the downtempo soundscapes. Meanwhile, there’s something of the Hessle Audio about the higher-octane inclusions. 

NB: Read my full review in the October issue of MIXMAG.

Label: Houndstooth

Genre: Electronica / Techno

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Release date: 6th October 

A1. North Facing 
A2. Reserved 
A3. Combustion Hallmark 
B1. Shaman Champagne 
B2. One Sound 
C1. Devotion Notion 
C2. Protozoan Milkshake 
C3. Trope 
D1. The Overview Effect (Parts 1 & 2) 
D2. Chordelia


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COMP PREVIEW: Kompakt Total 14


Having skipped 2013 to make way for two decent 20th anniversary retrospectives, Kompakt’s annual showcase returns for a 14th installment. Compiling 25 tracks across two discs, just about all of the Cologne label’s old guard are in attendance. Elsewhere, the roster’s newer recruits are represented with well-thumbed A-sides from Maceo Plex, Dauwd, DJ Tennis and the Damh duo.  Meanwhile, unreleased exclusives come courtesy of Superpitcher, Saschienne, Weval, Jürgen Paape, The Modernist and the Voigt brothers.

Label: Kompakt

Genre: House / Electronica 

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Release date: August 18th

CD 1
1. Dauwd - Lydia
2. COMA - Atlantis
3. Gui Boratto feat. Coma And Hell - Take Control
4. Kölsch feat. Gregor Schwellenbach - Cassiopeia
5. Terranova feat. Cath Coffey - Headache
6. Dave DK - Palmaille
7. Superpitcher - Delta
8. Saschienne - Horacio Delirium
9. Blond:ish - Wunderkammer
10. Gunjah & Niconé - Disko 90
11. Maceo Plex - Conjure Superstar
12. Weval - Something (Live)

CD 2
1. DAMH - Black Night
2. Thomas/Mayer - Unter Hölzern
3. Thomas Fehlmann - Eye
4. Voigt & Voigt - Tischlein Deck Dich
5. Sebastien Bouchet - Broken Heart
6. Michael Mayer - Lamusetwa (Matias Aguayo Mix)
7. DJ Tennis feat. Pillowtalk - The Outcast
8. The Modernist - Die Fette Gazelle And The Hidden Sixpack
9. Partial Arts - Taifa (The Emperor Machine Mix)
10. Justus Köhncke - Loop
11. The Field - No. No… (John Tejada Mix)
12. GusGus - This Is What You Get When You Mess With Love
13. Jürgen Paape - Heuriger 

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ALBUM REVIEW: Fink - Hard Believer


In addition to his house production as Sideshow, Fin Greenall’s other affiliation with club music includes being the co-owner of the mighty Aus Music. Having co-written pieces for ‘12 Years A Slave’, he now returns to his soul-orientated Fink moniker, with an album that marks the launch of the Ninja Tune-backed R’COUP’D imprint. ‘Hard Believer’ collates 10 songs that find the Cornwall-born Brightonian departing further away from the shuffling electronica of old in favour of an urbanised take on acoustic folk. Running to a heartfelt narrative, it’s a bluesy yet life-affirming opus that finds a British artist with no shortage of high profile US admirers, in fine form. 

Label: R’COUP’D

Genre: Electronica / Folk

Rating: 7.5/10

Download ’Two Days Later’, ‘Shakespeare’

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Release date: 14 July


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