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SINGLE PREVIEW: Call Super - Depicta


In February, I previewed a forthcoming 3-tracker from JR Seaton's Ondo Fudd alter-ego due for release via The Trilogy Tapes imprint. Now returning to Houndstooth, and back under his Call Super alias, the Berlin-based Brit returns with the ‘Decipta' 12”. For my money, it's the strongest output we've yet to see from Seaton, and it will be available from this time next month. The vinyl can now be pre-ordered through the Houndstooth website via the link below. 

Label: Houndstooth

Genre: Deep-as-fuck-techno 

Release date: May 19th 


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Hailing form Toronto, jazz trio BadBadNotGood are set to deliver their 3rd album in early-May on the LA-based Innovative Leisure imprint. With Matthew Tavares on keys, Chester Hansen on bass, and Alexander Sowinski on drums, the sequentially-titled ‘III' was assembled using a completely anolog approach, which even included recording on reel-reel audio tape. Three of the album's nine compositions can be streamed below. Decent. Seriously decent. 

NB: To promote to III, Badbadnotgood will be playing London’s XOYO on May the 6th. 

Label: Innovative Leisure 

Genre: Jazz / Instrumental Hip-hop

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Release date: 6th May

1. Triangle 
2. Can’t Leave the Night 
3. Confessions (feat. Leland Whitty) 
4. Kaleidoscope 
5. Eyes Closed 
6. Hedron 
7. Differently, Still 
8. Since You Asked Kindly 
9. CS60 


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DOWNLOAD: Posthuman - 30 Years Of Acid

Ahead of a 4-track EP for Body Work, Posthuman were guests on this week’s Solid Steel show. Offering something a little more conceptual than a standard spin, the East London duo laid down a ‘30 Years of Acid' retrospective, with a track representing each year dating back to '84. As the breakdown below shows, the mix comprehensively covers acid's birth during the heyday of Chicago house right through into its current manifestation. Via Vice's Thump site, you can grab the mix by clicking here, then hitting the download icon in the right hand corner of the player. 

NB: Clips for Posthuman’s ‘Decompression' EP on Body Work can be steamed below, underneath two of my favourite tracks from the mix. 

Genre: House / IDM / Techno

1984 - Chris & Cosey - Dancing Ghosts [Doublevision]
1985 - Knight Action - R-Trax (Special Mix) [Let’s Dance]
1986 - Sleazy D - I’ve Lost Control [Trax]
1987 - Phuture - Acid Tracks [Trax]
1988 - 808 State - Flow Coma [Creed]
1989 - Gene Hunt - Living In A Land [Housetime]
1990 - Bobby Konders - Nervous Acid [Nu Groove]
1991 - UR - 303 Sunset [Underground Resistance]
1992 - Acid Junkies – Short On Acid [Djax-Up Beats]
1993 - Fred Gianelli – Eloquence [Telepathic]
1994 - Armando - Pleasuredome [Trax]
1995 - Link & E621 - Antacid [Warp]
1996 - Woody Mc Bride – The Birdman [Communique]
1997 - Ege Bam Yasi – Acid C.I.D. (Sub Version) [Subversive]
1998 - Plastikman - Rekall [Minus]
1999 - The Black Dog - Psycosyin [Warp]
2000 - Luke Vibert - Analord [Planet Mu]
2001 - Phuture - Box Energy (AFX Remix) [Rephlex] 
2002 - Dr Derek F - Chrome Tear [Skam]
2003 - Luke Vibert - I Love Acid [Warp]
2004 - DK7 - Slipstream [Output]
2005 - AFX – Boxing Day [Rephlex]
2006 - The Doubtful Guest – Snoutful (Posthuman Remix) [Seed]
2007 - Syntheme – Easy [Planet Mu]
2008 - Mark Archer – Riser [Mutate]
2009 - Legowelt – Zompy Land [Crème Organization]
2010 - Global Goon – Craehzrhd [Balkan Vinyl]
2011 - Affie Yusuf - Acid Playground [Balkan Vinyl]
2012 - Cassegrain & Tin Man – Sear [Killekill]
2013 - Mark Archer – Cogzy [Anecdote]
2014 - Posthuman - Back To Acid [Body Work]

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LONDON EVENT PICK: Man From Tomorrow


Following screenings in Paris and Berlin, the ICA will be staging the London premier of the Jeff Mills documentary, Man From Tomorrow. The film initially takes a non-narrative approach, with music by the curiously ever-youthful American intertwined through visuals, before the introduction of voice-overs in the second-half. Afterwards, Mills will take to the stage for a Q&A alongside the director, Jacqueline Caux. The trailer is embedded below.

Date: Saturday, April 19th 

Venue: ICA, Charing Cross

Doors: 6pm

Photo of: Jeff Mills


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LONDON EVENT PICK: Theo Parrish at The Barbican


For the first time since heading up The Rotating Assembly collective, Theo Parrish will be embarking on a live tour this summer with a full band. Under the stagename Teddy’s Get Down, Parrish and Amp Fiddler will oversee the beats and keys, with Akwasi Mensah on bass, Duminie DePorres on electric guitar and Myele Manzanza on drums. The London date is at The Barbican, and tickets are on-sale now. The tour’s official promotional video is embedded below.  

Date: Saturday, 12th July

Venue: The Barbican

Doors: 7.30pm


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