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DOWNLOAD: Andrew Weatherall At Waxwerks


Unlike the mixes I usually flag up for free download, this five-hour spin by Andy Weatherall is by no means hot off the decks - so to speak. Recorded live at the Waxwerks record store in Leeds, the first-half appeared online when Weatherall’s old Back to Basics pal Ralph Lawson uploaded it to his eponymous blog in mid-January. Since then, it’s been doing the rounds on music forums, and its recurring endorsement finally led me to give it a listen. Upon doing so, I discovered the second part was also now available to download. Unsurprisingly, both halves are packed with killer groove and spacious depth - all the time running to Weatherall’s signature stye of effortless momentum. Meaning, by the time I was an hour in, I’d already decided it was going to have to make a belated appearance on The Pen.

NB: Embedded at the bottom of the post is a recently unloaded Weatherall remix of Atari Teenage Riot's 'J.One M.One’.

Genre: Electro / Punk-Funk / Italo House / Disco  

Photo of: Andrew Weatherall 


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ALBUM PREVIEW: Lawrence - A Day In The Life


I’m a big fan of Dial boss Lawrence, a big fan of Tokyo’s Mule Musiq imprint, and generally speaking, a big fan of ambient, so to say I had high hopes for ‘A Day In The Life’ would be somewhat of an understatement. Well, I’m pleased to announce that my lofty expectations have been met. Recorded in his home studio in Hamburg, many of the twelve inclusions are beatless re-scores of older tracks from his catalogue, with a spectral, otherworldly feel running throughout. 

NB: Below, are two of the inclusions from the preceding ‘Blue Mountain' EP, which have both been remixed for 'A Day In The Life'.

Label: Mule Musiq     

Genre: Ambient   

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Release date: 24th November 

A1. Horses
A2. A Day In The Life
A3. Lucy, Lucy
A4. Nowhere Is A Place
A5. Marlen
A6. Fainting
B1. Simmer
B2. The Visit
B3. Dreams Are Dead
B4. Blue Mountain
B5. Bonheur
B6. Lost In Joy

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DOWNLOAD: Xela - BBOX Radio: #1412 IDM Special


Aphex Twin’s deservedly lauded return has certainly put the genre once-known as ‘IDM’ back in the spotlight. As part of their comprehensive list series, FACT magazine started last week by flexing their editorial muscle via a countdown of the 100 greatest IDM tracks. Following that feat, one of the co-contributors, John Twells (also known as the producer Xela), then submitted a 2-hour IDM mix to FACT, which was fed out via Soundcloud for free download earlier this week. 

NB: Ranked at number 3 within FACT’s countdown, Boards of Canada’s mesmerising ‘Everything You Do Is A Balloon' is embedded below - one of my very favourite bootleg music videos. Beneath that, you can stream a recently unearthed version of Aphex Twin's 'Fenix Funk 5' from the Analord series.

Genre: IDM

Photo of: John Twells’ studio


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DOWNLOAD: Smoke Machine #103


When it comes to analogue electro-scapes no other nation comes close to the Swedish, with the scene within Malmö being particularly fertile. Reinforcing this notion, regular readers will know I recently recommended Sebastian Mullaert and Eitan Reiter's 'Reflections Of Nothingness' collaborative album. Anyone who enjoyed the clips and video embedded within that post, may want to consider downloading the latest podcast from the Taipei-based Smoke Machine archive. Uploaded on Sunday, the mix is a live collaborative set performed by Sebastian Mullaert and Kontra-Musik boss Ulf Eriksson at Culture Box in Copenhagen on August 23rd.  

NB: The video below is a live recreation of one of the tracks from Kontra-Musik’s mighty TM404 album from 2013. The A-side of the label’s forthcoming EP by The Durian Brothers is also embedded below.

Genre: Dub-techno / Acid / Minimal 

Photo of: Ulf Eriksson (and dog)


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Album Review: Vladislav Delay - Visa


Sasu Ripatti (a.k.a. Vladislav Delay) has been producing and performing electronic music for over twenty years, with as many album releases under well-worn monikers including Luomo, Sistol, Uusitalo and Conoco. Earlier this year, Ripatti was denied a visa to the US, which promptly put an end to several planned concerts. This did, however, open up a window of two weeks in his calendar to head back to his studio and create something new. Taking the opportunity, Ripatti describes this as a moment in which “a valve broke open… and I collected what came out the pipes.”

Ripatti used the free time to take his first step back into ambient electronica production for well over a decade. The sound of the album itself is warm and extremely textured, endlessly looping clips and unstructured patterns intertwine and reemerge in different shapes and guises. Using a large assembly of elements from industrial machine signatures to organic melodies, the album has a richness that is immediately appreciable. The third track “Viisari” draws a long bath that intermittently changes tone and maintains attention long after the first hue of sound ends. In Vihollinen you can hear a broader range of analogue instruments and carefully orchestrated samples that define Ripatti’s earlier ambient releases, softer and nostalgic, soporific and spaced, with occasional bursts and clattering of instrumentation.

Designed to be listened to at high volume and to explored in rich detail, Visa develops a large sonic expanse that sets the scene for a refreshing nod to the past from one of Finland’s most revered producers. Ben Romberg

NB: You can stay abreast of Ben’s thoughts and various music-related projects via his Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

Genre: Electronica / Sound-design 

Rating: 8/10

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Release date: 10th November 

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