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DOWNLOAD: Smoke Machine #103


When it comes to analogue electro-scapes no other nation comes close to the Swedish, with the scene within Malmö being particularly fertile. Reinforcing this notion, regular readers will know I recently recommended Sebastian Mullaert and Eitan Reiter's 'Reflections Of Nothingness' collaborative album. Anyone who enjoyed the clips and video embedded within that post, may want to consider downloading the latest podcast from the Taipei-based Smoke Machine archive. Uploaded on Sunday, the mix is a live collaborative set performed by Sebastian Mullaert and Kontra-Musik boss Ulf Eriksson at Culture Box in Copenhagen on August 23rd.  

NB: The video below is a live recreation of one of the tracks from Kontra-Musik’s mighty TM404 album from 2013. The A-side of the label’s forthcoming EP by The Durian Brothers is also embedded below.

Genre: Dub-techno / Acid / Minimal 

Photo of: Ulf Eriksson (and dog)


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Album Review: Vladislav Delay - Visa


Sasu Ripatti (a.k.a. Vladislav Delay) has been producing and performing electronic music for over twenty years, with as many album releases under well-worn monikers including Luomo, Sistol, Uusitalo and Conoco. Earlier this year, Ripatti was denied a visa to the US, which promptly put an end to several planned concerts. This did, however, open up a window of two weeks in his calendar to head back to his studio and create something new. Taking the opportunity, Ripatti describes this as a moment in which “a valve broke open… and I collected what came out the pipes.”

Ripatti used the free time to take his first step back into ambient electronica production for well over a decade. The sound of the album itself is warm and extremely textured, endlessly looping clips and unstructured patterns intertwine and reemerge in different shapes and guises. Using a large assembly of elements from industrial machine signatures to organic melodies, the album has a richness that is immediately appreciable. The third track “Viisari” draws a long bath that intermittently changes tone and maintains attention long after the first hue of sound ends. In Vihollinen you can hear a broader range of analogue instruments and carefully orchestrated samples that define Ripatti’s earlier ambient releases, softer and nostalgic, soporific and spaced, with occasional bursts and clattering of instrumentation.

Designed to be listened to at high volume and to explored in rich detail, Visa develops a large sonic expanse that sets the scene for a refreshing nod to the past from one of Finland’s most revered producers. Ben Romberg

NB: You can stay abreast of Ben’s thoughts and various music-related projects via his Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

Genre: Electronica / Sound-design 

Rating: 8/10

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Release date: 10th November 

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COMP PREVIEW: Perc Trax - Slowly Exploding


Started in ‘04 as a channel for Ali Wells to release his early twelves, Perc Trax has grown to become one of the most respected British techno institutions. In order to celebrate a decade in operation, comes a double-CD compilation. Disc 1 is formed from unreleased material from producers synonymous with the label (Truss, Sawf and Forward Strategy Group), and a cast of new roster recruits including Clouds, Happa and Kareem. Meanwhile, Disc 2 is a 23-track catalogue showcase spin by Wells, with remixes from Lucy, Factory Floor and Ancient Methods along the way.

NB: Read my review in the November issue of MIXMAG.

Label: Perc Trax

Genre: Techno

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Release date: 10th November 

CD1 – New Tracks 
1. Drvg Cvltvre -­ (I Don’t Want To Die In) James Franco’s House 
2. Happa ­- To Die Hating Them 
3. Truss – Brockweir 
4. Sawf - Groves 
5. Perc – Hyperlink 
6. Martyn Hare -­ The New Normal 
7. Forward Strategy Group -­ Dragon’s Tooth 
8. Clouds -­ Dread Networks (Perc Remix) 
9. Mick Finesse & Pinnion -­ Dead Boyfriend Alley 
10. Perc – Volley 
11. Kareem -­ Just When You Thought It Was Over 

CD2 – Mixed by Perc 
1. Perc – Pre­Steel 
2. Sawf -­ Outhro 
3. Go Hiyama – Postmodern (Lucy Remix) 
4. Sawf ­- Sfika 
5. Mick Finesse & Pinion -­ Dead Boyfriend Alley 
6. Perc – My Head Is Slowly Exploding (Ancient Methods Remix) 
7. Forward Strategy Group – Nihil Novi (Factory Floor FFGG remix) 
8. Sawf ­ Goves 
9. Perc -­ Hyperlink 
10. Forward Strategy Group – Elegant Mistakes 
11. Truss ­ Brockweir 
12. Yuji Kondo – Lose The Ability To Understand 
13. Truss – Ganymede (Perc Remix) 
14. Truss -­ Hackney 
15. Sawf – Vavasofa (Perc Remix) 
16. Dead Sound & Videohead ­- Trapped 
17. Clouds – Dread Networks (Perc Remix) 
18. Perc – Take Your Body Off 
19. Martyn Hare – The New Normal 
20. Justin Berkovi – Backshredding (Forward Strategy Group Remix) 
21. Perc & Truss – Van Der Valk 
22. Drax – Phosphene (The Exaltics Remix) 
23. Perc – Before I Go


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ALBUM REVIEW: Call Super - Suzi Ecto


Joe Seaton’s last release for Houndstooth consisted of two tanking slabs of deep techno. For his debut album, the Berlin-based Brit eases off the gas, with eleven productions that closer resemble his experimental output as Ondo Fudd for The Trilogy Tapes. At its best (‘Dovetails’ and ‘Hoax Eye’), ‘Suzi Ecto’ is comparable to the textural electro that crowned Warp’s postmillennial output, but much like the Sheffield label’s following two years, the impetus is gradually lost to mires of obfuscating minimalism. Arguably, Seaton’s last release marked the high point of a consistent catalogue, and in comparison, it’s hard to feel this introspective opus fully lives up to its prospect. However, judged on its own merits, Suzi Ecto makes for a noteworthy enough foray into the long-player format. 

Label: Houndstooth

Genre: Electronica 

Rating: 7.5/10

Download ‘Dovetails’, ‘Hoax Eye’

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Release date: 15th September

1. Snipe 
2. Dovetail 
3. Sulu Sekou 
4. Hoax Eye 
5. Raindance 
6. Fold Again At Last 
7. SE 
8. Rosso Dew 
9. Coney Storm Drain 
10. Okko Ink 
11. Acephale I


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DOWNLOAD: Bonobo - Thump Mix


Travelling 180,000 miles, Simon Green has played 175 shows over the past 18 months – even making time for a decent addition to the Late Night Tales series. To promote the final leg of his tour, Green has stepped up to curate the latest mix selection for Vice's ever-growing THUMP magazine.

Just ahead of the tour’s final date at Alexandra Palace in North London on November the 28th, Ninja Tune will release a commemorative album entitled, ‘The North Border Tour - Live’. The 15-track CD will be presented alongside a photography book and DVD. Pre-order available below.

Genre: Electronica / Beats 


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