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ALBUM REVIEW: Fink - Hard Believer


In addition to his house production as Sideshow, Fin Greenall’s other affiliation with club music includes being the co-owner of the mighty Aus Music. Having co-written pieces for ‘12 Years A Slave’, he now returns to his soul-orientated Fink moniker, with an album that marks the launch of the Ninja Tune-backed R’COUP’D imprint. ‘Hard Believer’ collates 10 songs that find the Cornwall-born Brightonian departing further away from the shuffling electronica of old in favour of an urbanised take on acoustic folk. Running to a heartfelt narrative, it’s a bluesy yet life-affirming opus that finds a British artist with no shortage of high profile US admirers, in fine form. 

Label: R’COUP’D

Genre: Electronica / Folk

Rating: 7.5/10

Download ’Two Days Later’, ‘Shakespeare’

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Release date: 14 July


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EP PREVIEW: Lurka - Holding


Bristol’ Black Acre has grown to become one of the most exciting experimental labels around. Preceding a double-EP from Scottish jungle revivalist Loops Haunt, and a highly recommended album by Italian jazzist Clap! Clap!, comes a notable 12” from local lad Ben Tregaskes (aka Lurka). To date, the Bristolian has channeled a series of sub-heavy releases through the Black Acre’s dubstep-orinentated sister label, Black Box. The 3 tracks forming the ’Holding' EP find the young Bristolian twisting tribal drum grids, and like - pretty much everything that's come courtesy of Black Acre of late, it's well worth checking.    

Label: Black Acre

Genre: Beats

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Release date: 7th July


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ALBUM PREVIEW: Moire - Shelter

Lay Moodymann’s smoky sermons over David Moufang’s pads, then underpin it with Actress’s jack n’ glitch percussion, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what Moiré‏ sounds like. Since arriving on Werk Discs in February last year, the enigmatic Londoner has deservedly turned heads with his ruggedly undercooked take on deep house. Holding stylistic pattern, his debut album is largely formed from fractured rhythms and guttural sub-lines, with two shadowy vocalists further aiding the spectral dynamic. 

NB: Read my full review in the September issue of MIXMAG.

Label: Werk Discs

Genre: Deep House

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Release date: 18th August


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DOWNLOAD: Matthew Dear - Sonar 2014 

Pen favourite Matthew Dear brought two performances to Sonar this year. The first was his Audion Subverticul Live show at Sonar By Day, and the second was a DJ set at Sonar By Night. The latter was captured in full live format by Sonar’s engineers, and Dear uploaded it to his soundcloud page this morning. There is no tracklisting available, but I can tell the tech spods that the equipment used included: Four Native Instruments Traktor Decks, a Elektron Octatrack, a Eventide Space, a Eventide Time Factor and a Allen Heath Xone: 92 Mixer.

Genre: House 


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DOWNLOAD: Appleblim - NY Crate Digging


To promote Roska’s takeover of Fabric back on Friday night, the Farringdon club asked if Laurie ‘Appleblim’ Osborne would craft a downloadable mix. Instead of a spin through current picks, the Bristolian blended together a selection of records he’d recently purchased from the $2 clearance bin in The Thing thrift store in Brooklyn. You can read more about the mix and Laurie’s tips for crate-digging here, with a download link below.   

Genre: Hip-Hop / House / Disco / Electro

Photo of: Laurie Osborne

1. Spoonie Gee - Spoonin Rap [The Sound Of New York] 1979
2. Brass Construction - Walkin’ The Line [Capitol Records] 1983
3. M.C. Shan - Cocaine [Cold Chillin’] 1986
4. Newtrament - London Bridge [Jive] 1984
5. Janice Christie - Taking Me For Granted [Supertronics] 1986
6. Limelife - I Wanna Go Bang [Warlock] 1989
7. Larry Heard pres. Ona King - Premonition of Lost Love [La Casa] 1994
8. Ashford & Simpson - Stay Free [Warners] 1979
9. Raekwon - Glaciers Of Ice [Loud] 1995
10. John Mayall - Messin’ Around [Polydor] 1979
11. Sterling Void - It’s Alright [DJ International] 1989
12. Tyree - T’s Revenge - Acid mix [DJ International] 1988
13. Vector Lovers - Post Arctic Industries [Soma] 2005
14. Celeda - Be Yourself [Twisted] 1999


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