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SINGLE REVIEW: Mosca - Done Me Wrong / Bax

Landing on the Glasgow-based Numbers fold, Mosca delivers 2 storming cuts of retro speed garage. With many of the fresh-faced producers that once pioneered the future garage boom now only adding to the bland mediocrity that’s steadily consuming a once vibrant movement, this is further proof of Tom Reid's ability to deliver the goods no matter what the tempo. Our pick of the two is firmly 'Bax’, but ‘Done Me Wrong' still shines like a beacon of light in comparison to recent releases from the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Rustie and L-Vis 1990. Deftly nostalgic yet blisteringly fresh - now where is that denim jacket of mine?

Label: Numbers

Genre: Garage 

Rating: 8.5/10

Release date: 26th Sep 

Serving suggestion: Mad Mike & Davina ‘Don’t You Want It' [Happy]

Words: Nicolas Cortez


Mosca - Dax 

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