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SINGLE REVIEW: Robag Wruhme - Donnerkruppel

Recently selected as one of three contenders for our prestigious and endlessly strived for ‘Pen’s Producer of Year’ award, the mighty Robag caps what’s been a standout year in his legacy with 3 brand new cuts via the ever-reliable Kompakt imprint. Focusing his attention back to the dancefloor, the title track contrasts steadily building trance tones with an industrious techno chug to great effect. The not too dissimilar yet slightly more frenetic ‘Wemmel’ follows with equally resonating results before the package is completed with the down-tempo  ’Polch Dutto’ - a track more in line with the German’s ‘Thora Vukk’ album released earlier this year on Koze’s Pampa imprint. Robag, Falty or Travis? who will it be be..? 

Label: Kompakt

Genre: Trance / Electronica    

Rating: 8/10

Serving suggestion: Soy Mustafa ‘Return Of The Anunnaki’ [Cinematic]

Words: Conrad Holten

Release date: 21st Nov 


Robag Wruhme - Donnerkuppel [SCHNIP/CLIP] 

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