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PEN RECOMMENDS: Voices From The Lake

Based on their much-praised collaborative live show at this year’s Labyrinth Festival in Tokyo, Italians Donato Scaramuzzi (Dozzy) and Giuseppe Tillieci (Neel) will release ‘Voices From The Lake' in late February via the Munich-based Prologue imprint. About as deep as house can get, this is simply an essential purchase for fans of after-hours electronics.   

NB: Read James’ review of Voices From The Lake in the March issue of Mixmag.  

Label: Prologue 

Genre: Ambient / Deep house 

Standout tracks: ‘Iyo’, ‘S.T. - VFTL Rework-‘, ‘Twins In Virgo - Reprise’ 

Try this if you like: Aphex Twin ‘Selected Ambient Works 85-92' [R&S]

Release date: 20th February 

01. Iyo
02. Vega
03. Manuvex
04. Circe
05. S.T. –VFTL Rework-
06. Meikyu
07. In Giova
08. Twins in Virgo
09. Twins in Virgo – Reprise
10. Mika
11. HGS

Voices from the Lake (Donato Dozzy and Neel) [Preview] 

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