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PEN RECOMMENDS: The 5 DJ-Kicks Mixes

With the tracklist for Photek’s forthcoming installment unveiled yesterday afternoon, we go back to pick our favourite DJ-Kicks mixes from no less than 17 years of releases:

1. PLAYGROUP ‘DJ-Kicks' [July 2002]: It just had to be 'Trebor', right? In the summer of 2002, Trevor Jackson perfectly encapsulated the heat around the art and fashion movement of early-nougties East London. The Output boss’s 24-track ode to E2 deftly matched a raft of the scene’s long-since forgotten one-hit wonders including Zongamin, Parallax Corporation, Random Factor and The Tiny Trendies against more established acts such as The Rapture, Metro Area and The Human League. Daisy Ashford


Playgroup - Behind The Wheel (Electroca$h Radio Mix) 

2. KRUDER & DORFMEISTER ‘DJ-Kicks' [August 1996]: Legend has it, this early chapter of the series was nailed during a scotch-soaked all-nighter in the smokey confines of their basement studio situated in the back streets of Vienna. Criminally overlooked in comparison to the Austrian duo's 'K&D Sessions', Kruder & Dorfmeister's timeless stroll through jazzy D'n'B, stoner dub and low-slung trip-hop featured a host of 90's downtempo merchants including The Lab Rats, Herbaliser, JMJ & Flytronix, Thievery Corporation and James Bong. Nicolas Cortez


Tango - Spellbound 

3. WOLF + LAMB Vs. SOUL CLAP ‘DJ-Kicks' [March 2011]: Last year, the two in-vogue East Coast duos presented not only the best of their own work, but also the essential cuts from their extended network. Including no less than nine unreleased exclusives, this twenty seven-track mix showcased productions from a host of 2011’s breakthrough names including Nicolas Jaar, Deniz Kurtel, Benoit & Sergio and Voices Of Black. Jane Jenkins


Double Hill - Everytime I Go

4. MOTOR CITY DRUM ENSEMBLE ‘DJ-Kicks’ [June 2011]: 2011 was the year when Danilo Plessow made the transition from a revered backroom DJ to a headline act. In some part responsible, the hugely resourceful youngster utilised his first official mix CD under his Stuttgart-inspired Motor City Drum Ensemble moniker, to pay tribute to host of his influences including Sun Ra, Geraldo Pino, Arthur Russell, Philippe Sarde, Timo Lassy, Aphex Twin and Robert Hood amongst many others. Conrad Holten


Rick “Poppa” Howard - Can Your Love Find Its Way (Club Vocal Mix)

5. ERELEND Øye ’DJ-Kicks' [April 2004]: 'Quirky', 'wacky' and 'fun' are 3 descriptives that would surely make for a grizzly car wreck of a mix, yet Erelend Øye's eclectic instalment somehow worked. Having come to notoriety in the spring of 2001 for his vocal contributions towards Röyksopp's 'Melody AM' album on Wall Of Sound, the Norwegian decided to not only provide running commentary over his DJ Kicks mix, but lay down numerous acapellas from acts including Bananarama, The Smiths, Elvis Presley and the chart-rave trio, Opus III. Dexter Park  


Royksopp - Silicon Soul / Erlend Oye - Poor Leno/ There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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