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LONDON EVENT PREVIEW: Monolake Live - The Ghost In Surround Tour

Founded in ‘95 by Robert Henke and Gerhard Behles, Monolake has provided the working base for a revolving collective of revered sound engineers and visual composers. 'The Ghost In Surround Tour' marks the next chapter of the Monolake Live Surround Project that Robert Henke and Tarik Barri started in 2009. Now operating alone, Henke’s latest show is an extension of a series of ideas laid down in an essay that was purposed to explore the debate over the increasing superiority of software over analogue hardware in the age of super-computers. The tour arrives at Fabric on Thursday the 1st of March, with the club’s technical team set to finely tune their monstrous sound system to the German’s specifications in order to "place the listener in a deep, wide field of sound that is much bigger than the physical room defined by the speakers and the walls”. To give the evening a further sense of occasion, Fabric’s Music Director and resident Craig Richards and Punch Drunk boss Tom ‘Peverelist' Ford will be respectively exploring the more experimental end of their music collections with supporting DJ sets. James Lawrence

NB: This tour will be accompanied by an album, which is scheduled for release on February the 27th via the Imbalance Computer Music label.

Date: Thursday, 1st March 

Venue: Fabric, Farringdon 

Doors: 9pm-2am

Photo of: From left to right: Monolake’s Tarik Barri (visuals) and Robert Henke (sound) 


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