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SINGLE REVIEW: Deadbeat + Danuel Tate - Lazy Jane

Following on from last summer’s ‘Drawn & Quartered' LP, Scott Monteith continues his pursuit of a lower-slung manifestation of dub-techno that for the most part, bears a much closer resemblance to dub than techno. Featuring vocoded vocals from fellow countryman Danuel Tate of Cobblestone Jazz notoriety, the sluggish and meandering titletrack sticks to a tight 135 bpm, while the remix on the B-side is a faster paced beast with buoyant house stylings. There’s a case to present both cuts are inferior to the five majestic tracks that comprised Drawn & Quartered, but as you’d expect from Monteith, the production is beyond clinical. Avon Barksdale


Genre: Dub-techno

Rating: 7/10

Serving suggestion: Resoe ‘Lakeviews' [Echochord]

Release date: 30th April

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