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SINGLE REVIEW: Cobblestone Jazz - Across The Nation

After two nice enough but fairly forgettable offerings, the third installment of Cobblestone Jazz's 12” series arrives at the end of the month. Followers of the Canadian group, formed from Danuel TateMathew Jonson and Tyger Dhula, will be pleased to hear this release is of equal stature to the early output that brought the trio to notoriety. The A-side, entitled ‘Who’s Future?’, contrasts rippling acid tweaks against a low-slung grooving baseline to reasonably good effect. Over on the flip, the superior ‘Across the Nation' is a stripped-out and beautifully quaint cut of electro minimalism that slowly builds to incorporate tonal pads and a nonsensical yet perfectly worked vocals. You could argue a track weighing in at 12.48 is a touch indulgent and there's a unfortunate squelch every 20 seconds that should have been removed, but even that aside, it's still one of the best Cobblestone jams since the epic 'India In Me’. Nicolas Cortez 

Label: Wagon Repair 

Genre: Electro 

Rating: 7.5/10

Serving suggestion: Zenker Brothers ‘Berg 10' [Ilean Tape] 

Release date: 30th April


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