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LONDON WEEKEND PICK: Jimmy Edgar Presents Majenta

For our pick of the club nights taking place in London this weekend, we’ve decided to give Fabric the nod over Egyptian Lover at the Wavey Tones party. Purposed to promote the forthcoming release of his futuristic third album ’Majenta’, Jimmy Edgar will be performing live with Michael Mayer and Craig Richards both joining him in the main room for extended DJ sets, while Terry Francis and Peter Van Hoesen will be supporting a live performance from O/V/R in Room 2. Over in the intimate surroundings of Room 3, Huntleys & Palmers are staging a takeover to celebrate the launch of Auntie Flo's debut album 'Future Rhythm Machine’, with Alejandro Paz and Sophie also in tow. Daisy Ashford

NB: You can read James’ review of Majenta in the June issue of Mixmag. 

Date: Saturday, April 21st

Venue: Fabric, Farringdon 

Doors: 11am - 8am

Photo of: Jimmy Edgar 


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