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Despite currently being in the depths of South America, there are still several ways to stay abreast of what I’m listening to. Firstly, if you’re a fellow Tumblr blogger, you can link your site to The Pen by clicking the ‘Follow’ button in the top right hand corner of this page or alternatively, every post published feeds a notification through to my Twitter page. If it’s the music you’re more interested in, you can follow the blog via my Hype Machine account or I have a Soundcloud page where I collect, upload and occasionally offer up my favourite tracks. By clicking the Facebook ‘Like’ button above, you effectively subscribe to my Friday lunchtime newsletter, which comes in the form of a brief status update outlining what’s been covered over the course of the week. The update just scrolls down your feed and doesn’t alert you like a message or notification would. 

Anyway, here’s a double bill from Kompakt with the standout track from John Tejada's understated 2nd album for the Cologne-based imprint, plus the Cinematic Orchestra-sampling single taken from the forthcoming LP from Life & Death co-founder Manfredi Romano under his DJ Tennis moniker. On the subject of The Cinematics, the revered jazz collective’s label mate Kevin Martin (aka The Bug) has just unveiled an advance snippet of his returning 12” for the South London-based label that’s scheduled to drop on the 27th of August, while on a lighter tip, Retrospective Records have recently uploaded a cut from their new signing, Elias Tzikas. Beak Richardson 

Photo of: Kevin Martin (aka The Bug)

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