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COMMENT: The Packshots Of 2012 [Part 1]

Having just been lured into listening to Jon Convex's decent 'Idoru' by the cover art, I decided to do a quick round up of my favourite packshots of 2012 thus far. Lacey Tracey

JON CONVEX ‘Idoru' [Convex Industries]

BARKER & BAUMECKER ‘Transsektoral' [Ostgut Ton]

LV ‘Sebenza' [HyperDub]

LONE ‘Galaxy Garden' [R&S]

LAUREL HALO ‘Quarantine' [HyperDub]

CAGE & AVIARY ‘Migration' [Internasjonal]

ODD FUTURE ‘The OF Tape Vol.2' [Odd Future]

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