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SINGLE REVIEW: Nick Sinna - Voyager EP [Remixes]

Following on from Nick Sinna’s futuristic debut release in late-June, Prime Numbers now deliver the remix twelve. On the A-side, Spectral Sound’s James T. Cotton converts the utopian tech-house of the original ‘Voyager’ into a greasy, off-kilter electroscape. Meanwhile, over on the flip, Boris Bunnik gives ‘Real Time’ a typically industrious rework under his Conforce moniker. Not bad, but having dug the label’s ‘$tilnockeck?’ EP from ‘08 out of the Pen Vaults last weekend for a vodka-addled refresher at top volume, it’s hard not to feel Trus’Me and crew have released stronger output. Iris Sween

NB:Good God’ and ‘WAR Dub’ embedded below are lifted from the $ticknocheck EP and do not feature on the Voyager Remix EP. 

Label: Prime Numbers

Genre: Tech-house 

Rating: 7.5/10

Release date: 27th August


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