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LONDON EVENT PICK: The Hydra present Dial


Founded in Hamburg, Dial Records has been carefully run by Carsten Jost and Peter M Kersten (a.k.a. Lawrence) for over a decade, delivering stand-out releases from some of the most talented and creative names in electronic music. Much of the label’s music makes use of dark, atmospheric pads or strings mixed with simple, stripped back beats that are often overlaid with deep bass lines. 

The newly-born ‘Hydra' series, run by London promoters Broken and Uneven, is intent on exploring some of Germany’s most interesting electronic musical offerings. Having recently hosted Ostgut Ton, this time up it’s Dial, with many of the label’s contributors together under one roof. Neo-classical and ambient producers such as John Roberts and Christian Naujoks join techno stalwarts Efdemin, Roman Flügel and Palisade (a.k.a. Redshape) who are equally at home in Berghain, alongside more melodic and emotively driven sounds producers Lawrence and Pantha Du Prince in a newly reworked warehouse location.

Dial’s recent releases include Efdemin’s album ‘Chicago' that generated a superb series of remixes, and Roman Flügel’s 'Fatty Folders' (The Pen's runner up for album of 2011) that detailed a pioneering producer hard at work, giving a unique take on a very cluttered corner of electronic music. Earlier prints such as Lawrence’s 2005 album ‘The Night Will Last Forever' and Pantha Du Prince’s second album 'This Bliss' have also stood the test of time and still remain relevant.

Curated as a deep musical exploration of the specific sounds crafted for the label, this third edition in the Hydra series will showcase the innovation and creativity that Dial has expanded into, ranging from ambient live performances to rich and exploratory DJ sets. It’s rare London gets treated to showcases of this calibre. Ben Romberg

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Date: Saturday, 15th September

Venue: Netil 000, London Fields

Doors: 10pm - 6am

Photo: Hendrik Weber (aka Pantha Du Prince)


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