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ALBUM REVIEW: Ben Klock - Fabric 66

Berlin-based label owner of Klockworks and Berghain resident Ben Klock has put together the 66th edition of Fabric’s Saturday night-themed mix series. Typically renowned for intense, stripped back minimal techno that has come to be characterised as "the Berghain sound”, a usual set from the German will knock out thick kick drums and tick-ticking hi-hats at a fervent tempo alongside spacious, pressurized frequencies. In this mix, he takes a slight departure, maintaining a clear tempo, but pulling back on the intensity of the mix to introduce a variety of melodic tracks from the likes of DJ Bone, Burial, Technasia and K-Hand. Compare ‘Fabric 66' to 'Berghain 04' - a mix that delivers a dark journey narrated by Germany’s underground techno producers - and it’s clear Klock is holding on to the time-honoured talent of playing to your audience, as the influences and sounds here are London-centric and typically flood Room One’s soundsystem. As the mix moves into harder, heavier territory with a Klock remix of Josh Wink followed by a thundering tank of a track by Planetary Assault Systems, the notion of how this would work on a packed dancefloor slowly dawns. It’s a mix that is as much about the atmosphere in Fabric when all the steam vents are open as it is about showcasing Klock's sound. Concluding the set, the final track is from Raster-Noton stalwart Alva Noto’s fantastically mastered 2nd edition of Xerrox, which lands an epic finish. Ben Romberg

NB: The launch parties for Fabric 66 will be on Saturday 13th October at Berghain and at Fabric on Saturday 27th October. Tickets can be purchased here.

Label: Fabric

Genre: Techno

Rating: 7.5/10

Standout tracks: Planetary Assault Systems ‘Flat Tire’, Alva Noto ‘Monophaser 2’

Further listening: Levon Vincent ‘Fabric 63' [Fabric]

Release date: October 15th

1. Truncate – Ratio 1 [Truncate]
2. DJ Bone – Gemini [unreleased]
3. Trevino – Forged [Klockworks]
4. Technasia – Final Quadrant (The Cosmic Beats) [Technasia]
5. DVS1 – Spying [Klockworks]
6. K-Hand – Starz [Acacia]
7. Octave One – Terraforming (Kraviz/Klock’s 66 Interpretation) [430 West]
8. Wincent Kunth – Another Journey [MDR]
9. Sagat – Few Mysteries Solved in A Year of Contact [VLEK]
10. Sigg Gonzalez – Penny Pincher (Head High Mix) [Power House]
11. Floorplan – Chord Principal [M-Plant]
12. D-Knox – Mind Calming [Black Nation]
13. Burial – Raver (Edit) [Hyperdub]
14. Marcel Dettmann – Allies [Ostgut Ton]
15. Josh Wink – Are You There? (Ben Klock Remix) [Ovum]
16. Truncate – Coaster [Truncate]
17. Planetary Assault Systems – Flat Tire [Mote-Evolver]
18. Steve Rachmad – Rotary [Klockworks]
19. Staffan Linzatti – In Time [unreleased]
20. Mathew Johnson – Panna Cotta (Edit) [Itiswhatitis]
21. Floorplan – Never Grow Old (Edit) [M-Plant]
22. Terence Fixmer – When The Sun [Electric Deluxe]
23. James Ruskin – Detached [Tresor]
24. Alva Noto – Monophaser 2 [Raster-Noton]


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