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SINGLE REVIEW: Matthew Styles - Aji No Moto

Following on from last September’s ‘Sample & Hold' EP, Matthew Styles returns to Gerd Janson’s Running Back for what’s the Brit’s second release on the Lorsch-based label. Scheduled to drop at the end of the month, ‘Aji No Moto' contrasts 2 percussively-dense acid house numbers (Hot!’ and ‘Sixty Ways’) against an A-side comprised of the disco-paced ‘Montana' and an addictive and most useful drum demo. All in all, a nice a little package for house DJs of the more jacking persuasion. Temperance Mathers

Label: Running Back

Genre: House

Rating: 7.5/10

Serving suggestion: Quince ‘Alfa' [Clone]

Release date: 29th October


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