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Pen RECOMMENDS: Sigha - Living With Ghosts

After a succession of singles on Hotflush, Blueprint and his own Our Circula Sound imprint, James Shaw will deliver his debut album next month. Living With Ghosts’ is comprised of twelve previously unreleased productions including the forthcoming ‘Scene Couple’ single, which you can stream below. 

NB: Read my review of Living With Ghosts in the December issue of MIXMAG.

Label: Hotflush

Genre: Techno

Standout tracks: ‘Scene Couple’, Translate’, ‘Aokigahara’

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Release date: 19th November

1. Mirror
2. Ascension
3. Puritan
4. Scene Couple
5. Translate
6. Suspension
7. Dressing for Pleasure (Ideal)
8. Faith and Labour
9. Delicate
10. Dressing for Pleasure (Extract)
11. She Kills in Ecstasy
12. Aokigahara


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