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SINGLE REVIEW: Lena Deen - Sleep Don’t Come Easily

To cut to the chase, more great output from the Munich-based label that can currently do no wrong, hit the racks last week. Outlining the emphasis they place on breaking undiscovered talent in the press release, Prologue deliver two tracks from the Russia-born, LA-residing newcomer, Lena Deen. Comprised of two original productions and a typically immersive trance rework of the title track from label associate Claudio PRC, the ‘Sleep Don’t Come Easily’ EP sits somewhere between the starker end of Mo Wax’s trip-hop offerings in the late-90s and Wolfgang’s Voight’s early output as Gas. In a word, wicked. Temperance Mathers

Label: Prologue

Genre: Electronica/Minimal 

Rating: 8.5/10

Serving suggestion: Voices From The Lake ‘S.T. (VFTL Rework)' [Prologue]

Release date: 24th October 


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