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Anyway, here’s the standout track from Lusine's forthcoming 3rd album scheduled for release via Ghostly International in February, an alternative bonus mix of the title track from the newcomer DIVA’s ‘Stabbing Paris' EP on New Kanada, and a promotional mini-mix of the Loops HauntZENITH' EP on the Bristol-based, Black Acre Records. Lastly, I’ve embedded a clip of Mark Archer's remix of Radioactive Man's 'Gugs', which features on an exclusive digital remix LP that's locked within the 'Waits & Measures' double-pack vinyl release. Pre-orders available now with shipment this coming Saturday.

NB: Read my review of Lusine’s ‘The Waiting Room' album in the February issue of MIXMAG, and my reviews of DIVA’s Stabbing Paris and Loops Haunt’s ZENITH' on Resident Advisor in the coming weeks. 

Photo of: DIVA press shot

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