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COMMENT: Autumn Round-Up

Essentially, the primary purpose of this blog is to highlight decent new music. As it’s pretty much a one-man operation, occasionally a standout release will slip past me. Below are two examples from the past few months. 

LEE GAMBLE ‘Diversions 1994-1996' [Pan]: With Lee Gamble's forthcoming 'Dutch Tvashar Plumes' album having left quite an impact on me, I immediately felt compelled to explore the Londoner's back catalogue. Released in the last week of October, Diversions 1994-1996 is a retrospective compilation of tracks constructed entirely using audio samples sourced from Gamble’s collection of jungle cassettes. In order to maintain the essence of the original music, the audio was subjected to meticulous analog to digital manipulation before being mastered by the revered sound engineer Rashad Becker at the infamous D&M facilities in Berlin. Adding a further sense of occasion, the limited 12” run was pressed on 140g white vinyl and packaged in a silk screened pvc sleeve collaboratively designed by visual artist Kathryn Politis and Pan owner, Bill Kouligas.

Label: PAN

Genre: Ambient

Standout Tracks: ’Emu’, ‘3,4 Synthetics’ 

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Release date: October 26th

Side A
1. Pandemonium Institute 
2. Emu 

3. M25 Echo 
4. Razor 

Side B
1. Helicopter 

2. Digbeth 
3. DTI 
4. 3,4 Synthetics 

5. Dollis Hill 
6. Rufige 


DFRNT ‘Fading' [EchoDub]: Following on from 2009's 'Metafiction’, Alex Cowell's 2nd album under his DFRNT moniker hit the shelves on the 3rd of September. Marking the first release for the Edinburgh-based EchoDub imprint, local lad Cowell’s sophomore consists of 11 tracks that clock in at an hour and 20 minutes. The low-slung yet engaging content blurs the boundaries of deep house and dub-techno, with DFRNT illustrating the cover art himself. 

Label: EchoDub

Genre: Deep House / Dub-techno

Standout Tracks: ’El Spirito’, ‘Our Little Secret’ 

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Release date: September 3rd

01. Silent Witness
02. El Spirito
03. Everyone Is Moving
04. That’s Interesting
05. Deep Into It
06. Prism
07. Cruise
08. Incubus
09. In You Go
10. Our Little Secret
11. Suspended In The Deep


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