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DOWNLOAD: The Haxan Cloak - RA.359


Coinciding with the release of his sophomore album, The Haxan Cloak has put together a mix for Resident Advisor. Published on Monday, the mix contains productions from artists as diverse as Aphex Twin, Halim el-Dabh, Joy O, Plastikman and Sun Ra, with the Londoner including 5 purpose-made edits. You can stream one of the tracks from the new album below, but for the full, immersive effect, I suggest you check the album in its entirety

NB: D-Bridge’s RA podcast from last week was also well worth grabbing, but as I’d previewed his 10 Years of Exit party, I felt posting about it was slight overkill. Anyhow, if you missed it, you can still download the full 65-minute mix here.

Genre: Drone / Experimental 

Photo of: Bobby Krlic (aka Haxan Cloak)

1. Otto Luening and Vladimir Ussachevsky - Incantation for Tape
2. Sun Ra - Imagination
3. Finn McNicholas - Why I Hate the Sea
4. Autechre + The Hafler Trio - Hae3
5. Burning Star Core and Prurient - Wheel of Fortune (Haxan Cloak edit)
6. Burning Star Core and Prurient - Hydrophiiac (Haxan Cloak edit)
7. ø - Olematon
8. Kevin Drumm - Snow (Haxan Cloak edit)
9. Halim el-Dabh - Wire Recorder Piece 
10. Nine Inch Nails - At the Heart of it All
11. Sunn O))) - Richard (Haxan Cloak edit)
12. Boards of Canada - June 9th (Haxan Cloak edit)
13. Plastikman - Consumed
14. Meira Asher & Guy Harries - Torture/Bodyparts
15. Joy O - Wade in
16. AFX - Mangle 11 (circuit bent VIP Mix) 
17. Chris Clark - Glen Velez remix
18. Folk Implosion - Raise the Bells


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