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ALBUM PREVIEW: Planningtorock - All Loves Legal


Arriving via her own Human Level imprint, ‘All Love’s Legal’ is the third album from Jam Rostron’s prosthetic-faced alter ego, Planningtorock. Whilst maintaining the rich orchestral depth of 2011’s ‘W’, the Bolton-hailing Berliner refines her sound to what could loosely be described as dramatic electronic-pop. Including the singles ‘Misogyny Drop Dead’ and ‘Patriarchy Over & Out’, the 12 tracks run to a narrative theme of gender inequality, with Rostron’s androgynous and sporadically schizophrenic vocals used to theatrical effect.

NB: Read my full review of ‘All Love’s Legal’ in the February issue of MIXMAG.

Label: Human Level

Genre: Disco 

Standout tracks: Human Drama, Let’s Talk About Gender Baby, Public Love

Release date: 10th February 

1. Welcome 
2. All Love’s Legal 
3. Human Drama 
4. Answer Land 
5. Let’s Talk About Gender Baby 
6. Words Are Glass 
7. Misogyny Drop Dead 
8. Beyond Binary Binds 
9. Steps 
10. Public Love 
11. Purple Love 
12. Patriarchy Over & Out


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