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ALBUM PREVIEW: Vermont - Vermont


As solo artists in an increasingly saturated genre, Marcus Worgull and Danilo Pelssow (aka MCDE) are two of German house music’s most artistically discerning producers. Their collaborative project, Vermont, was born from an aimless hardware jam in Plessow’s studio in Cologne last year, and now comes and their self-titled debut album. Assisted by a cast of established session musicians, the 14 synth-led inclusions sit somewhere between downtempo krautrock and the progressive electronica of Tangerine Dream. Clips of the standout tracks are embedded below. 

Label: Kompakt

Genre: Electronica 

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Release date: 17th March

01. Yaiza
02. Rückzug
03. Übersprung
04. Sharav
05. Dynamik
06. Majestät
07. Cocos
08. Elektron
09. Katzenjammer
10. Droixhe
11. Macchina (side a on bonus 7”)
12. Ebbe
13. Lithium (side b on bonus 7”)
14. Montag


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