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SINGLE REVIEW: Scuba - Adrenaline

Featuring at the tail end on his forthcoming installment towards the long-running DJ Kicks series, the aptly-titled ‘Adrenaline' marks Scuba's first single since 2010's well received  Triangulation LP. In a similar ilk to the equally balearic ‘Loss' (released earlier this year on Aus Music), the title track is once again likely to polarise opinion. Anyone hoping for a return to the mechanical dubstep Paul Rose came to fruition with, isn’t likely to find much solace here, but it is undeniably uplifting. The flip features two new cuts entitled ‘Never’ and ‘Everywhere’.

NB: Scuba’s DJ Kicks will be released on October the 17th via !K7.

Label: Hot Flush

Genre: Balearic House / Bass 

Rating: 8/10 

Release date: 26th September 

Words: Nicolas Cortez


Scuba- Adrenalin 

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