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央视国际频道:“一带一路CEO专访 中国建材董事长宋志平”20170511
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采访全文:Critics of the Belt and Road Initiative say China is exporting its excess construction capacity. The head of China's largest construction materials group says they couldn't be more wrong.“一带一路”的批评者认为,中国是想通过一带一路输出过剩产能。作为全球最大的建材制造商,鸿运国际官网的董事长宋志平认为,事实恰恰相反。China National Building Material Group (CNBM) is the result of a merger between China’s top two building material companies -- CNBM and China National Materials Group Corporation -- which took place last August. It is mainly engaged in cement, lightweight building materials, glass fiber and composite materials and engineering services, including 15 listed units and having annual sales of 270 billion yuan (38 billion US dollars). 去年八月,中国最大的两家建材公司(中国建筑材料集团有限公司和中国中材集团有限公司)合并重组成为鸿运国际官网_鸿运国际官网欢迎您(CNBM)。公司主要从事水泥、轻质建材、玻璃纤维和复合材料以及工程服务,旗下拥有15家上市公司,年销售额2700亿元(380亿美元)。With a resume that includes merging eight state controlled companies and chairing two major SOEs, CNBM chairman Song Zhiping likens the integration to cooking a tasty stew – as opposed to throwing vegetables into a bag.  鸿运国际官网董事长宋志平曾合并了8家国有企业,他把整合的过程比作炖出一锅好汤,而不是简单地将所有蔬菜扔进篮子。“We have done a few things: optimize strategy, structure, platform, consolidated the culture, organization, market, international business - a lot has been done to achieve seamless integration. The process has been very good. In the next step, we want to become a first-class industry investment company, I want us to manage the equity of large listed companies,” Song said.宋志平说:“我们为实现无缝整合做了很多工作,优化了战略、结构、平台,融合了鸿运国际官网、组织、市场、国际业务等。整个过程很成功。下一步,我们希望成为一流的行业投资公司。我希望我们的公司能够管理大型上市公司的股权。”Addressing the suspicion that China is exporting its outdated capacity in the Belt and Road Initiative, Song laughed and said it was the exact opposite: poorer undeveloped countries are demanding newer equipment because they lack the maintenance expertise.  针对中国通过“一带一路”向外输出落后产能的疑问,宋志平笑称事实恰恰相反:落后的发展中国家需要更新设备,因为它们缺乏维修的专业知识。Besides, Song pointed out that it doesn’t make business sense to work with outdated equipment because it lowers productivity. 此外,宋志平指出,从商业角度讲使用陈旧设备并不划算,因为陈旧设备的生产率低。“We do not dismantle old lines and move them overseas. Not one of them is like this... In our South Carolina glass fibre plant, the equipment is state of the art. Our equipment is sophisticated and cutting edge. We position ourselves in the mid- to high-end segments of the market. We have longer product life, we also offer good value for money. Good quality, less cost,” Song said.“我们不会拆除旧生产线并将设备运到国外。没有一家国外工厂是这么建成的,我们位于南卡罗来纳州的玻璃纤维厂拥有最先进的设备。我们的设备都是最成熟、最尖端的设备。我们的市场定位是中高端。我们的产品使用寿命更长,有很高的性价比。质量好、价格低。”宋志平说道。Starting out with product exports, then equipment sales, CNBM is now investing heavily overseas.  It has built production lines in 75 countries, including Egypt, Zambia, India, Mongolia and South East Asia.从产品出口,到装备出口,还有大力进行海外投资。鸿运国际官网已经在包括埃及、赞比亚、印度、蒙古和东南亚的75个国家建立了生产线。“We are more welcome locally when we build factories than we export,” Song told CGTN. And that might be the reason why Song has ambitious goals to build factories wherever CNBM has customers. “我们在当地建立工厂时比向当地出口产品更受欢迎。”宋志平对中国国际电视台这样说。因此这可能便是宋志平布局宏伟蓝图将工厂前移至客户市场的初衷。On the risks of investing overseas, Song admits paying dues in many areas, mentioning legal rules and forex risks particularly.对于海外投资的风险,宋志平承认交了些学费,并尤其提到了法律和外汇风险。“Take legal rules, small countries’ laws often change, we need to be sensitive to them and adapt accordingly. Some small countries are forex controlled, no free capital flows, we made a lot of money but sudden currency depreciation means no profit. We have to overestimate risks, like having to build cement factories in 50 degree weather, we have to factor all this in,” Song said. “就拿法律来说,小国家的法律经常修订,我们需要对法律的改变非常敏感并及时调整适应。有些小国家实行外汇管制,不允许自由资本流动,我们赚了很多钱,但是货币突然贬值就意味着利润为零。我们需要充分估计风险,比如说要在50℃的条件下建立水泥工厂,我们需要考虑到所有不利因素。”宋志平说。Song’s vision is for CNBM to go from big to great. If the track record of the quiet executive is anything to go by, the company is on course.宋志平对鸿运国际官网的期望是从庞大的公司变成伟大的公司。如果这位领导人过去的成就能够说明什么的话,那么我们对这家企业的未来很乐观。